South Park Season 19 Premiere: Bill Cosby Jab Creates Stir?

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And as usual South Park kicks off with a season premiere with more shocking surprises.

It?s like we are not used to watching South Park, with over 250 episodes being aired on Comedy Central when it started in 1997 by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, we could have gotten used to their extreme and offending jokes about real celebrities or personalities or current events. But looks like the 19th season will be more intense.

The ninth season premiere started with a report of a student who refers rape at ?Hot Cosby?, which as a result having Principal Victoria being relieved of duty and was replaced by P.C. Principal, who is not happy with the crude jokes from the Colorado town with a quote: ?I Googled South Park before I got here, and I cannot believe the s?t you?ve been getting away with!?. First on P.C.?s target was Kyle who was sent to detention for two weeks after saying ??I don?t think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero.? Cartman tried to fight back against P.C. by framing him up, P.C. responded by breaking his bones and a bruised ego as he was sent to the hospital. Then later P.C. formed a some sort of politically-corrected fraternity, as a result, Kyle was submitted into public pressure by admitting that Caitlyn Jenner is a hero and she is absolutely stunning.

The season opener was full of jokes on political correctness and it was really spot on, though it managed to show both sides to make it fair for each of them, but it seems that Matt and Trey and just raising a point of a certain issue and seeing what really stuck at the end, especially with Cartman and Kyle?s quote: ?We all lost and you won?

So far the season premiere is really crazy and looks like we might be expecting more crazy stints in the coming episodes for South Park.

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