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South Park The Fractured But Whole Gameplay Possibly Teased By McFarlane Toys

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South Park The Fractured But Whole
Source: South Park: The Fractured But Whole Trailer – E3 2016 [US] video

Earlier this month, McFarlane Toys confirmed new South Park toys in September. These new toys could potentially tease gameplay features of the South Park The Fractured But Whole video game.

Supercomputer and Top Bad Guys Board

South Park The Fractured But Whole features the main cast as pretend superheroes and even has a dedicated base of operations like the Stick of Truth game. Potentially, the Supercomputer and Top Bad Guys Board may hold clues to the upcoming Ubisoft South Park game.

The Supercomputer toy set features The Human Kite and their supposed “Supercomputer” setup. However, the Supercomputer unit is just a tablet phone attached to a box scribbled with the Supercomputer’s panels. This is fitting to South Park’s juvenile setting and may play a key role in managing the player’s menus. Previously, the Stick of Truth entry had a knockoff social media platform that doubled up as the player’s role playing game menus. Potentially, players will use the Supercomputer to manage these role-playing features or other important character setting.

Meanwhile, the Top Bad Guys Board looks like a generic planboard in tracking down villains or criminals. So far, Butters Stotch’s villain alter-ego ,Professor Chaos, is the only obviously recognizable feature on this board. Professor Chaos was already shown commanding an army in the game’s trailers, which could mean he might be a main boss in this entry. Meanwhile, other names like Lumiere and Quakebrand are also mentioned in this board. We’ll have to wait for the actual game if we’ll have encounters on these mentioned bosses.

September Release

As seen on IGN’s report, three new South Park figures from McFarlane toy sets will be released this coming September. However, the official site says that these toys is slated for this August. The new toy sets are named “Check Your Privilege”, “Supercomputer” and “Top Bad Guys Board” which feature South Park The Fractured But Whole characters, particularly the superhero alter-egos of Kyle and Stan. The video game is speculated to be released along with these toys, but Ubisoft has yet to release new details about their video game.

No Updates As Of Late

Previously, Ubisoft has announced that the South Park The Fractured But Whole will be released this early 2017. However, the early 2017 release window is long overdue and Ubisoft has yet to announce new details about the game. Players who’ve pre-ordered the game have been refunded, but have received the free Stick of Truth copy that’s supposed to go with it. Potentially, The Fractured but Whole entry may receive a new South Park special in this year’s Black Friday, similarly to how the Stick of Truth content became part of the show, albeit with a slightly different story. For now, fans can only wait for Ubisoft to start talking about this game again.

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