South Korea to Launch 5G Internet by 2020

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Prepare to be knocked off your seats as South Korea anticipates the release of 5g Internet connection to its citizens by 2020.

Buffering may indeed be yesteryear?s slow and decrepit past as SoKor?s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) announced recently that the country would put in 1.6 trillion won (UsD1.5 billion) in order to develop this 5G internet connection, estimated to be over 1,000 times faster than today?s 4G LTE, currently the fastest internet connection. This would be very popular for consumers everywhere?for a 5G connection would be projected to be fast enough to download 800 megabytes per second. A feature length film could then be easily downloaded in an instant.

Early Trials

Consumers might not have to wait that long in order to experience internet that could connect you at around the speed of light. The MEST plans to provide trials of 5G internet service by 2017 to the local population. 2020 is the target year when 5G internet would be available commercially. Aside from developing a 5G network, the MEST also has some project on the side like hologram transmission, ultra-HD streaming and a much awaited upgrade on its social networking services.

Highly Lucrative

The push for a 5G internet connection is instigated by the South Korean government?s projection of generating more profit through related industries. A 5G internet connection infrastructure could easily roll in profits of more than 331 trillion won (UsD 310 billion) from 2020 to 2026. MEST plans on implementing this project with the help of some well-known private entities in the country such as Samsung, SK Telecom, Korea Telecom and LG.

Samsung Pitches In

Last May, Samsung announced that it already conducted some initial 5G testing. The company stated in its website that it was able to produce a signal of 1.056 Gigabit per second within a distance of 2 kilometers. Likewise, the company is also projecting that it could make 5G available commercially by 2020.

Despite Samsung?s big announcement, many are still skeptical as to whether or not Samsung has really achieved 5G speed. For one, Forbes denounced that the company?s claim is highly ludicrous and that it is a mere marketing gimmick.



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