South Korea Introduces World?s Fastest Mobile Data Service

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Samsung’s Download Booster is said to be a predecessor of Giga LTE.

The 5G Network interface seems to be slowly taking shape, as South Korea?s largest Telco company, KT, recently launched its 1.17Gbps Giga LTE service.

By allowing the network?s existing LTE coverage to combine with KT?s localized WiFi hubs, they are now able to provide subscribers with an unbelievable data speed of up to 1.17Gbps ? one of the fastest commercial mobile data services around the world.

This is made possible with KT?s existing 200,000 LTE base stations, and 300,000 Wi-Fi hubs installed across South Korea. The company hopes that this is enough hardware to allow all their customers to enjoy the new mobile data service. The new mobile speed is considered four times faster than the average LTE speed of 300Mbps.

Aside from this, the new product is also seen as a way to address the company?s increasing bandwidth, which they see skyrocketing in the next couple of years.

Gadget requirements

Of course, the service demands use of smartphones with high-processors. Today, the service seems to be working exclusively for Android phones, particularly Samsung?s Galaxy 6 and S6 Edge. Other compatible units will follow within the year.

The powerful GiGA LTE was defined by a few milestones before its official launch this week. KT?s LTE-A technology along with a wider scope of wireless data transmission, and high-speed hotspots brought about the fruition of this service. It is also no secret that Samsung, one of Korea?s strongest tech companies, has been working alongside the Telco company for months to bring the 5G network, closer to reality.

Samsung Download Booster

Samsung?s ?Download Booster? which was available in powerful handsets like Note 3, Galaxy S5, and Note 5, is pointed as the predecessor of the GiGA LTE. The feature allowed consumers to download data in their gadgets by combining both LTE and Wifi signals.

With all these upgrades, the possibilities are definitely becoming endless, as the world of mobile internet significantly speeds up its development.

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