Soundhawk’s Smart Listening System Unveiled, World’s First App-Enabled Wearable That Improves Hearing

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Our world is full of noise, damaging our eardrums, from dogs barking, to street traffic and the wave of market and restaurant chatter. There are times that you just want to cover your ears and walk away, but to some, they don?t really pay attention to it, until the need of an expensive pair of hearing aid arises.

The new wearable app-enabled smart listening system will help millions of individuals to address hearing struggles.?Soundhawk is a mix of breakthrough hearing science and intuitive consumer technology designed to help individuals communicate.

This can be used during television sessions or meetings in a large conference hall. It can also be used when listening to a speech or even while you’re driving with your family.

CEO Michael Kisch stressed that the device is not a hearing aid but it’s called a ?smart listening system.? ?According to him, it’s typically for someone in their late 30’s to mid 60’s.

According to CEO of Soundhawk,?Michael Kisch,?”We designed Soundhawk’s Smart Listening System for people who want to hear, communicate, and connect better in everyday situations and environments.”

“As our world gets noisier, many people are hearing less of what matters most. At Soundhawk, our mission is to transform the listening experience simply and affordably and empower people to hear the world the way that they want to.”

“The sensation is you can get 35 feet away from someone, have 100 decibels of noise but it will feel like someone sitting next to you whispering in your ear,” Kisch added.

Soundhawk is available for pre-order for a limited time offer of $279 at a $20 discount .

Soundhawk comes with:

The Soundhawk App?enables you ?to customize your hearing profile

The Scoop?connects all components of the system, which uses adaptive audio processing that elevates what you want to hear while reducing background noise. This is a comfortable wearable device that enhances key sound frequencies. This device can connect to your tablet via bluetooth or smartphone via wireless connection.


The Wireless Mic?gets you closer to what you need to?hear in even the noisiest situations.?The Wireless Mic is ideal for loud places like coffee shops or restaurants.


Charging Case?secures and recharges them so they?are constantly ready to go.



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