Sound Euphonium 2 Episode 10 Recap: Kumiko’s Honesty Finally Broke Through Asuka

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Sound Euphonium 2 Episode 10
Sound Euphonium 2 Episode 10

Sound Euphonium 2 episode 10 finally saw some sheer honesty from one of its characters. The first half of the episode saw Kumiko and Mamiko trying to patch things up between them. They were seen cleaning up the kitchen and preparing dinner. Just like other siblings who naturally develop rivalry through the years, theirs is quite different. Yes, they are they are rivals but deep inside, they admire and envy each other?s strengths and capabilities, per

Mamiko felt Kumiko always got to do anything she wanted, while Kumiko sees herself as the abandoned sibling. She felt all her parents’ hopes were put on her perfect older sister. Nevertheless, even if Mamiko never openly admitted that Kumiko?s choosing her own path was inspiring, and Kumiko did not admit how much losing her sister would pain her so much, their feelings were clear.

Kumiko Finally Breaks Down

Kumiko was very sad when she thought about her sister’s exit on her way to school. She was finally overcome with emotions and broke down on the train. Kumiko might not have even realized she was crying until the moment the viewers realize it themselves.

Mamiko finally decided she was not going to pursue college. Now it’s time for Kumiko to make Asuka follow her selfish dreams. Kumiko tried to be brave and asked Asuka to join the band one more time.

When the two finally had a chance encounter, Kumiko made her case clear. She told Asuka she’s the best in what she does and the band needs her. Besides, playing at the Nationals is really what Asuka wanted to do. But she rejected the offer outright. Asuka said, “I didn’t want Nozome to rejoin the band. Do you honestly think I could get away with making an exception for myself?” She’s not worried what the band thinks about her, it’s her pride getting in the way.

She dismissed Kumiko’s assurance that everyone wants her to play. She said, “Everyone will say they want to play with me. That way no one gets criticized. No one gets hurt.” Obviously, Asuka is not a warm person. She’s proud, distrustful and cynical, because of her background

growing up. She had an absentee father and her mother was nothing but disappointment. Plus the fact that Asuka is actually very insightful. Thus, she cannot believe people would really mean what they say. She’s used to wearing a mask everyday. Doesn’t everyone these days?

Asuka cast out her final weapon: cruelty. She did a thorough analysis of Kumiko’s character. She described her as “curious, but afraid of getting hurt, and thus unlikely to actually put yourself in the middle of other’s problems. Do you think anyone would tell someone like that how they really feel?” Aside from attacking Kumiko’s confidence, she also second-guessed the relationships that Kumiko values so much.

Kumiko was tired of Asuka’s insensitive cruelty, thus she responded with sheer honesty. Through tears, she said how much she really wanted Asuka to play. She also criticised Asuka pretending to be so mature. She said, “So what if I’m a child?! Why do you keep trying to act like an adult?” In this scene, Kumiko gave up all hesitation, fear and emotional distance.

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