Soul Calibur IV Screenshots Confirm Return of Three Characters

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This weekend, NAMCO BANDAI released several new amazing screenshots featuring three familiar, but updated, faces. I hate to say it, because I’ve never been a fan, but even the Lizard dude looks real nice. Here is one screenshot and more after the break.

Lizard Man

NAMCO BANDAI Games Releases New Soulcalibur® IV Screens

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. released new assets today for Soulcalibur® IV, this summer’s highly anticipated weapon-based fighting game for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION®3. The latest set of screens confirms the return of three more characters from previous Soulcalibur titles: Kilik, Xianhua and Lizardman. Presented in beautiful high-definition graphics, their continuing search for the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge swords brings with them new motives and enemies.

Delivering a robust offering of enhanced features, Soulcalibur IV will have players experience an entirely new battle system that promises to revolutionize the fighting game genre. Developed by Project Soul, the legendary team behind Soul Blade® and Soulcalibur® I-III, Soulcalibur IV is set to reinvent the brand when it is released in summer 2008.

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Lizard Man VS Tira Xiang Hua Xiang Hua VS Mitsurugi Xiang Hua VS Mitsurugi
Kilik VS Xiang Hua Kilik VS Xiang Hua Kilik VS Xiang Hua Kilik VS Xiang Hua
Kilik Kilik Kilik Lizard Man
Lizard Man Lizard Man Lizard Man VS Cassandra Lizard Man VS Ivy

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