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SoulCalibur 6: Ways Bandai Namco Can Save The Franchise

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Soul Calibur 6
Source: SoulCalibur V – Official E3 Trailer video

Bandai Namco has yet to follow up the SoulCalibur series with another entry. SoulCalibur 5 was released half a decade ago and didn’t leave a major mark before players stopped playing it. Potentially, here’s some moves that Bandai Namco can do to save the series with SoulCalibur 6.

Keep More Characters and More Cultural Diversity

Similar to Tekken, the SoulCalibur series has cultural diversity in which they feature characters from different countries and their own fighting style. The developers managed to get characters from each continent but failed to keep them around in future entries. Due to this issue, their players are often divided on playing different entries to stick with specific characters absent in the newest version.

Dress Up Their Characters For A Change

Most SoulCalibur characters, particularly the female ones, always have skimpy outfits per entry. They might be visually interesting in their own right but they’re not getting any more audience despite the fact. Potentially, giving their characters a good costume overhaul rather than just flaunting their body may make them more interesting. Since some characters have been wearing skimpy costumes for too long, seeing them aptly clothed might leave a fresh feel for both their avid fans and new audience.

Make Simpler and Memorable Characters

Most SoulCalibur characters are made with certain weapon-reliant martial arts in mind. Making concepts for newer characters can be difficult as they’ll have to think of new weapons for them to use. SoulCalibur characters were either too complex in their fighting styles, like Voldo and Siegfried; or too blandly normal, like Cassandra and Pyrrha.

New characters also failed to attract newcomers. While the new characters were unique and complex, they still manage to feel flat and uninteresting.

Potentially, Bandai Namco could commit to either realism or exaggerated fighting styles for SoulCalibur 6. The series could also go for making simpler characters that focuses on move utility rather than looking cool all the time. Staying in the middle of that animation style does allow them to be unique but the series never achieved a strong status because of it.

Remove Ring Out Maps

Another problem of the SoulCalibur series is its Ring Out victory mechanic. Player can push their enemies off a ledge in certain maps to win the round. Easy victory conditions seem fun for their casual players but it turns off many competitive players. SoulCalibur 6 maps can follow stage layouts similar to Tekken where it has ledges and walls but never leads to sure victory.

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