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Soul Calibur 6 Release Date and Latest News: Sequel Or Remastered Collection Teased By Bandai Namco?

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Soul Calibur 6

Recently, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a Soul Calibur 20th Anniversary trailer. The trailer covered the whole Soul Calibur franchise starting from its first to the last 2014 release. Potentially, Bandai Namco could be teasing for the next Soul Calibur game but they haven?t confirmed if it?s going to be another entry or just remasters of the older games. Here?s what we know so far about the Soul Calibur 6 release dates.

Soul Calibur 20th Anniversary

As seen on the trailer, Bandai Namco flashed all the Soul Calibur games so far. Easily, Soul Calibur?s developers have a surprise coming on the game?s 20th anniversary. However, the first Soul Calibur was released in July so we?re technically half a year away from the supposed anniversary celebration.

Soul Calibur 6

Potentially, a next Soul Calibur entry is in the works with this 20th anniversary reveal. ?According to the Project Soul site, ?one listing is seen for its 2016 calendar. Soul Calibur fans have been requesting for another entry in this Bandai Namco series. However, the latest Soul Calibur entries didn?t do well and didn?t even make itself into a long mainstay fighting game category in known tournaments.

So far, no Soul Calibur announcement has been done as of this month. The next Soul Calibur release can miss the year if not announced soon.

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Soul Calibur Remasters

Most Soul Calibur fans have continuously requested for the return of the game?s older characters. The Soul Calibur entries mostly have fan-favorites that rarely return to any recent entry. Potentially, Bandai Namco can just roll out Soul Calibur remasters first to help gauge the fanbase favorites and competitive picks. This data can help cook up Soul Calibur 6?s cast and opt to push out the game with several characters that everybody likes. Most Soul Calibur entries start with a large cast which makes it hard for players to study matchups effectively and casuals have many characters to ignore. We?ll have to wait for Bandai Namco to announce its 20th Anniversary surprise for Soul Calibur soon.

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