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Soul Calibur 6 News: 20th Anniversary Surprise Only A Pachinko Game?

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Soul Calibur 6

Recently, the Soul Calibur 20th Anniversary event unveiled the next Soul Calibur entry. However, most of the fans were disappointed as the game turned out to be a pachislot rather than an actual video game entry. Is?Soul Calibur 6 actually just a pachinko game?

Soul Calibur Pachislot

As seen on the pipocom1?s video, the Soul Calibur 20th Anniversary Pachinko trailer was just released. The trailer features most of the Soul Calibur cast and depicts them fighting in high-quality graphics. More than just the characters, the Soul Calibur Pachislot trailer also showed the game?s bonus chances and modes to help the player gain more points. This game is definitely not the Soul Calibur 6 fighting title that its fans were waiting for.

Fan Disappointment

Similar to other franchises, most Soul Calibur fans are disappointed to hear that they?re going to receive a pachinko game for the next entry in the series. Despite having another Soul Calibur release, most fans may never get a chance to even play this game outside Japan. Additionally, competitive Soul Calibur fans have no avenue to train or fight in this machine.On?StonedVolus? thread on the Soul Calibur Reddit, a few fans voiced out their dismay about the recent Soul Calibur 20th anniversary announcement.

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No Soul Calibur 6, Remakes, and Remasters

Before the Pachislot was revealed, fans speculated that Bandai Namco will release Soul Calibur 6 or a remaster for the 20th Anniversary surprise. However, fans were disappointed as Bandai Namco only announced the Pachislot. Fans already prepared lists of characters they want to see again for the next Soul Calibur game. Perhaps fans may have to wait for the next Soul Calibur announcement to see if they?ll get another Soul Calibur fighting game.

Soul Calibur has already been created by many directors, so it?s possible that Bandai Namco may pick this game up again. Soul Calibur may have a similar fate to Konami?s Metal Gear series as Metal Gear Survive was confirmed after the Metal Gear Solid Pachinko?s release. We can only hope that Bandai Namco delivers on the Soul Calibur 6 release to make things right for the series.

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