Soothe your stressed out neck and shoulders and experience real comfort with this heated neck wrap

It’s a simple yet valuable addition to your everyday self-care

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Muscle tension around the neck and shoulders aren’t uncommon especially when you spend a huge chunk of your time each day on the screens for both work and pleasure. Muscles feel sore and the achy-breaky feeling can be very uncomfortable. A massage can be a good idea but what if taking a trip to the spa isn’t always the viable option?
Well, good news for you. A heating pad can actually be your best bet for soothing aches and sore muscles in a matter of minutes! Something like the Heated Neck Wrap from OstrichPillow!
OstrichPillow’s Heated Neck Wrap is designed to provide you real comfort and alleviate the tension in the muscles around your neck and shoulders. The calming warmth and gentle pressure it provides effectively works to relieve the stress around these areas so you can feel relaxed at the end of a tiring day.
This heated neck wrap is covered by a smooth reversible fabric that has the ability to retain warmth so that your skin is protected and at the same time, offer a relaxing, calming and restful experience. It is perfect for stressed out necks and sore shoulders because of how it works to provide instant relief anytime, anywhere.
How is it used? Simply wrap it around your neck and shoulders. Then, allow its all-natural clay beads to gather moisture from the air and radiate heat for long-lasting warmth and light pressure-point stimulation. It can be your go-to place of comfort anywhere you go and you can use it again and again – for as often and for as long as you like.

Product highlights:

  • Provides gentle pressure and right amount of warmth
  • Reversible and cozy to the skin
  • Earth-friendly
  • Easy and safe to use

Aches and sore muscles are not an uncommon complaint of many adults today but the solution can be easy and it doesn’t always have to involve paying a hefty price for a good spa. With this heated neck massage, you can experience real comfort in a matter of minutes, whether at home, office or practically anywhere you are!


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