Sony?s New Packaging Gimmick: Waterproof MP3 in a Water Bottle

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Sony is promoting its new waterproof MP3 player the unconventional way: putting it inside the water bottle. The company wants to prove its effectivity by letting consumers see the product in action. The Japanese electronics giant launched a marketing campaign for the Sony Waterproof MP3 player in a unique packaging in New Zealand.

The Bottled Walkman

Not all customers are aware of the waterproof feature of the Sony W Series Walkman MP3 player. In order to make sure that these gadgets work the way they were promoted, Sony decided to come up with a different packaging strategy. A marketing agency in New Zealand proposed to have these products sold inside water bottles with a campaign called ?The Bottled Walkman.?

If you live in New Zealand, these products are being sold in vending machines in gyms and leisure centers throughout the place. These waterproof MP3 players have been sold worldwide for the past two years. This will be the first time that they have been sold inside water bottles. The company is referring to NWZ ? W273, which was launched in January at CES2014.

DraftFCB decided to have this one ? of ? kind packaging because it is a product aimed at swimmers. Executive creative director Tony Clewett thought the idea would be great for the target audience.

4GB of Underwater Music


The Sony W Series does not only feature underwater capabilities. It might be small, lightweight and wireless, but this little fellow can play 4 GB worth of good music. These models are being sold for $99, it looks like Sony is not targetting consumers who look at waterproof gadgets as unexciting. Submerging the products inside water bottles prove that this new marketing campaign really makes sense.

The Sony Walkman waterproof MP3 player can last for an hour after being charged for three minutes. A tension band connects the headphones to the device. Three adjustable earpieces are also included in the package. Sony says the water resistant MP3 player can be submerged up to a depth of 6.6 feet or 2 meters. However, consumers must be warned that this product should never be used in sea water.

StopPress says that Sony is assessing the sales of the Bottled Walkmen in New Zealand before pushing the campaign to other countries.

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