Sony Xperia Z3 Tips & Tricks: 5 Tips On Using Its Powerful 20.7MP Camera

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Get the most out of the Xperia Z3 camera with these helpful tips. (Image courtesy of Sony)

Sony?s current flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z3, has a superior 20.7 main camera for taking great photos. It?s powered by a fast 2.5 GHz Snapdragon processor with 3GB RAM to make sure you have a fluid experience while browsing pictures in the gallery. There?s also a decent 2.2MP front shooter for your daily supply of gorgeous selfies.

You may already know the basics of using the handset for recording videos and snapping photos but there?s more to the Z3?s camera than meets the eye. It?s nice to know more about its features so you can get the most out of what you paid for. If you?re out on a Google quest to find out more, look no further because we?re already here to give you some of the coolest Xperia Z3 camera tips & tricks to try.

Smile Shutter

Although this is also being offered by other smartphones, the Xperia Z3?s Smile Shutter feature is more advanced than most of them. It can actually detect different ?levels of smile.? All you need to do is choose which level you want the camera to detect. To activate it, tap on the Settings icon (represented by the three dots on the viewfinder) and choose Smile Shutter. After that, a small gauge will appear on the screen that fills up each time the camera detects a smile. When the smile is big enough so that it matches the predetermined level, the device will automatically snap a picture.

Use it underwater

All models under Sony?s Xperia Z lineup are waterproof. However, the touchscreen won?t work if you use them underwater. Thankfully, the Xperia Z3 has physical buttons that can be used with the camera even when the phone is completely submerged. Be sure not to keep it submerged for too long as Sony advises that it should only be used underwater for a maximum of 30 minutes and a depth not exceeding 1.5 meters.


The current generation Xperia handset is packed with an app called Multi-Camera. It allows you to take photos or videos from different viewing angles using other Wi-Fi connected devices simultaneously. Sony recommends that you use phone to connect with a QX lens, a Sony Action Cam or up to two other Xperia smartphones and shoot / snap away with your own Xperia Z3 acting as a hub for all the connected devices.

Face In

If you?re a selfie-inclined Xperia user, you should heed this tip right now. The Z3 has the preinstalled ?Face In? camera app that lets you take pictures using the front and rear camera of Xperia Z3 series at the same time. WIth it, you can put in your reaction to images taken on that roller-coaster ride or use the front cam to recognize you and up to two friends to include in the beautiful scenery.

Various Shooting Modes

Sony definitely don?t want Xperia Z3 users to be lagging behind in the mobile photography front, that?s why they packed the device with lots of Shooting Modes that can be used to add effects and easily share photos. You can quickly access all of them by holding your phone horizontally, then tap on the Shooting Mode icon located on the lower left portion of the screen. Here’s a?brief description for each mode, according to Sony:

  • Timeshift Burst: Find the best photo from burst images taken before and after you shot.
  • AR effect: Take photos with virtual scenes and characters.
  • Superior auto: Take photos and videos with automatically optimized settings.
  • Manual: Manually adjust your camera settings to take photos and videos.
  • Info-Eye: Find more information about what you see in the viewfinder!
  • Social Live: Share your experience with your friends live on Facebook.
  • Picture effect: Select an artistic effect to apply to photos.
  • Sweep Panorama: Take a panoramic photo by sweeping your camera.
  • Background defocus: Take photos with beautiful background blur like a DSLR camera.


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