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Sony Xperia The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Theme Free Download from Google Play Store

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Sony Mobile released a new theme for Xperia devices based on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sony tied up with the forthcoming movie release and launched the new theme for free at the Play Store.

Source: Google Play Store

Source: Google Play Store

Xperia The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony Mobile modified almost everything with their new Xperia Theme ? The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It features customised elements across all parts of the user interface such as icons and wallpaper.

This changes the following user interface icons on your Sony Xperia device:

  1. Soft key buttons with Spider-Man logo as the home key
  2. App launcher button changes
  3. Recycle bin for deleting apps changed
  4. Spider-Man logo on Own Order inside the app menu
  5. Deletion of several apps in the app menu include cobwebs
  6. Edgy icons on the Settings menu
  7. Spider-Man logos also replaces active toggles
  8. New lock screen with Spider-Man

You may download the new Xperia theme but not from Sony Select since you won?t be seeing it there. Go directly to the Google Play Store, type in Xperia The Amazing Spider-Man 2 then get the theme for free. It has a size of 11 MB and runs only on Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or later.

Xperia Themes

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is just the newest theme on the new feature found on Sony Xperia devices. If you device is eligible for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the upgrade will bring Xperia Themes which allows you to modify various aspects of the user interface, wallpaper and icons by downloading themes via Sony Select or Google Play Store.

Sony Xperia devices using Xperia Theme will get heavily skinned themes that modify icons, buttons, background, volume bars, navigation bars, accent colours and more. Over 300 different graphical components are changeable whenever a developer wants to create a theme. But Sony keeps other components, controls and UI paths regardless how many components were changed.

Using new themes from Xperia Theme won?t require any restart to take effect and acts exactly like default themes installed on your device. If your smartphone features an illumination bar such as Xperia SP, it will glow according to the accent of the theme in case the developer modified it.

For more Xperia Themes, go to Sony Select > Settings > Personalisation > Theme. Sony Mobile is planning to add more themes in the future.


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