Sony Unleashes 70MBs Of Memory On PS3

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When the PS3 was launched the OS locked 120MBs of memory away from the use of the games. Over the lifespan of the PS3 and its multiple firmware updates Sony has unlocked 70MBs lowering the OS memory footprint to 50MBs according to the latest hardware overview from SCEE Research & Development. Although this is not the 32MBs that the 360?s OS requires it?s a big step towards it, keep in mind Sony may be keeping some space for future development of the XMB.

Memory Setup
?RSX? has access to two memories
?Local Memory
?249MB usable (256MB ?7MB reserved by OS)
?System Memory
?213MB usable (256MB ?43MB reserved by OS)
?RSX? usable through memory mapping by application in 1MB blocks

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