Sony Sends Out a Warning That Their Laptops Could Burn

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Sony Sends Out a Warning That Their Laptops Could Burn

Hong Kong ? Sony warns their customers to stop using Sony VAIO laptops immediately as their batteries could burn and set out a fire.

Others see this as a wrong move, but it is the right one. Risking further injuries should be the top priority of any company. Besides, admitting that these batteries could really harm them is more important to people rather than knowing that they are tricked.

However, it took three cases of battery overheating before they were able to send the news to the public. They could have done better by applying the best there is in technology.

2006 Was Also a Bad Year for the Laptops

As what was mentioned, there were already cases of battery problems before they send out the message. In 2006, Sony was on the verge of pulling out all their batteries in the market for the same reason. They are prone to overheating and could lead to further damages.

However, it was not just Sony that experienced the same problem in the same year. Apple and Dell had to go through product recalls. This is because their batteries were also a threat to the life of the customers. Again, overheating is an issue.

Apparently, Sony released information that they hired a different company to work with the batteries ? they were not their product to begin with.

The Sony VAIO Items That Have to Be Disposed

It could be rude and frustrating, but Sony has no other choice. They will provide replacements and repairs to those who have the materials that they have mentioned. These are those with SVF11N1 as part of the product name. Again, the company says that they were not completely responsible for the material as they hired another part to do it for them.

The latest case of a burned item is in China. There are still investigations going on but it is already safe to shutdown the laptops and send a notification to Sony immediately. The other cases were in Japan and in Hong Kong. All of these happened just this year.

Sony could be right in calling off their products in the market. However, they should be bigger than their responsibilities the next time they manufacture or deal with their products. Also, the customer has a responsibility, too. What do you think is the right amount of time of use for these laptops to not overheat?

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