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Sony introduced its own Bluetooth speaker, the SRS ? BTX500, last year. In the U.S, it was expensively sold at $300. However, the impressive sound coming out of its tiny body has competed well against Jawbone Big Jambox, Bose SoundLink Wireless and such. This year, the company opted to offer a more feature ? packed wireless speaker at the same price point ? the SRS ? SX7.

Feature Loaded

Sony?s newest wireless speaker is sandwiched between SRS ? SX9 and SRS ? SX5. While it also offers Bluetooth connectivity, consumers will enjoy its Wi-Fi steaming option using Apple AirPlay for Macs, iOS devices and Windows PCs that run iTunes as well as DLNA support for others. The SRS ? SX7 has an expanded range, and improved sound quality than Bluetooth. This new wireless speaker gives a classy look, apart from the great sound it produces.

Minimalist Design

?The Sony SRS ? SX7 has a minimalist design with a glossy top that comes with touch ? sensitive buttons, as well as brushed aluminum on the sides. It weighs only 1.95 kilograms or 4.3 pounds and measures only 5.2 inches tall by 11.8 inches wide by 2.4 inches deep. There is a retractable wireless antenna, which is said to improve Wi-Fi performance. It also offers a unique set of connectivity options, such as an audio input, an Ethernet port and a USB charging port (for tablets and smartphones).

Vibrant Sounds


This wireless speaker sounds great for its small size and comes with clean and vibrant feel to the listener?s ears. Some companies have been recently pushing to add more wireless options to their speakers. Bose, for example, offers its own new multiroom SoundTouch line that comes with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. Samsung, on the other hand, has its Shape speakers. When it comes to offering wireless options, Sony has not yet put up a multiroom room audio. The SRS ? SX7 is billed by the company as a singe speaker solution.

Overall, Sony?s new wireless speaker is a combination of class and good performance as a Bluetooth wireless speaker. This model offers one of the best overall values in Sony?s portable wireless speaker line for 2014.

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