Sony Pulls Plug on Mobile Games

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You will no longer be able to play Lemmings Touch as Sony pulls plug on mobile games.

Don?t worry, you will still see new video games for your Pl???ayStation Vita. Games from the PlayStation Mobile, however, will cease today and you will no longer able to download games such as Lemmings Touch, Tokyo Jungle Mobile, and Alien Breed as Sony pulls plug on mobile games.

PlayStation Mobile was made available to the Playstation Vita in an attempt to offer more selections of indie games like those available on the Android Play Store and on Apple. The offering was accessible for all modern Playstation systems. These games have unconventional graphics and gameplay that can come only from indie developers. A chunk of the game collection also came from Japanese developers.

Those who have the games installed on their device need not worry of games disappearing from your phone. However you will only be unavailable to make purchases until today, July 15. Don?t uninstall the games that you already have as you may not be able to install them again. Those who have made in-app purchases and wish for re-downloads can only do so until September 10.

The games, as of writing, however, are still available.

The closure of PlayStation Mobile was announced last March but it didn?t cause a stir in the PlayStation community. PlayStation Mobile only lasted for less than three years since it was launched in October 2012.

It was also earlier for Android devices to lose support of PlayStation Mobile when it was announced that it would not support mobile devices with Android 4.4.3 KitKat and above. This hinted that future devices would halt patronage of the service.

The closure of PlayStation Mobile is a huge loss for PlayStation Vita as they will have less games to play especially as they will no longer receive AAA first party games. Sony Wolrdwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida said that AAA games will no longer release such as Killzone Mercenary because gamers have now bigger expectations especially with the dawn of PS4 and other current generation consoles. ?Vita gamers can still expect AAA games from other parties like the World of Final Fantasy.

It is ironic that PlayStation Vita, which is the home of indie games as Sony, recently said it would be more apt with playing chunk sized games than AAA titles, will be losing one of the biggest collections of the same offering. As Sony?pulls plug on mobile games by shutting down?PlayStation Mobile today, you should download everything already while you still can.



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