Sony President Shuhei Yoshida Banned From Nintendo MiiVerse Twice

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Yoshida Banned
Yoshida Banned

Just because you?re a popular guy or a president of a multi-million corporation, it does not mean that you aren?t bound to rules, even with the small communities. (In their perspective that is).

One good example of that very fact is Sony?s president, Shuhei Yoshida. In a previous interview with Engadget, Yoshida discusses about the 20 years of Sony?s involvement in the gaming history.

While he was at it, he mentions about him getting banned from Mii Verse (One of Nintendo?s official community.) This did not happen only once. Yoshida was banned twice from MiiVerse. Yoshida thinks that the reasons were valid enough, somehow, so it is not as if Nintendo was being biased about banning the Sony guy for being the head of one of their competitors.

?The first time was because I had my Twitter account in my profile and that?s against the rules. The second time is because I wrote, ?I love PS.? You?re not supposed to promote a commercial product in MiiVerse, so they correctly interpreted ?PS? as ?PlayStation.?

This was not the first time that Yoshida talked about the Wii U. Way back October 2013, he also mentioned about having two Wii U consoles in his home and he plays them regularly. (He has a Japanese and US Wii U.) Just with the same year, Yoshida also defended Wii U by stating that the platform is just getting started. It?s a good change of pace when you see executives own a major product that came from one of its competitors and no, he has no intention of exploiting it at all. (Unlike what happened to Bill Gates? daughters, being banned for owning an Apple product.) He just wants to play them like normal consumers would and because he is a long-time fan of Nintendo ever since. Kudos to you Yoshida!

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