Sony Predicts More PSPs Sold Than PS3s

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It’s an odd footnote to the company’s prediction of 17 million LCD TVs sold throughout FY 2008-2009, but this Reuters article quotes Sony’s target goal of 15 million PSPs in the same FY compared to a “mere” 10 million PS3 consoles.

Bear in mind, both numbers are fairly significant business goals, but both also seem reasonably attainable from a layman’s perspective, based on market performance to date and current trends. However, even as I can understand it intellectually, it just somehow strikes me as… wrong that the big conglomerate could pin more hope (or a higher number) on its handheld hardware than the giant, powerful console it’s spent so much developing and promoting. Realistically, of course, the predicted sales are just common sense. The PSP is less expensive, has a larger library and a larger existing userbase. Nintendo’s extremely successful record with handhelds also indicates this sort of goal is far from unrealistic.

Call me a set-top console loyalist, it just… bothers me on some deep level. Guess that’s one of the privileges, or arrogances, of being old. 😛

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