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Sony may be announcing the Playstation Plus free games lineup for January 2017 any minute now. However, some last minute titles have made it to next month?s free game wish list.

In addition to big game titles like Titanfall and Watchdogs, some pretty interesting games have been requested by fans. Top of the list is Resident Evil Zero HD Remastered. The classic Capcom game is one of the best selling games from the company for the Playstation gaming console.

Some Indie game titles also made it to the wish list for next month. Games like Firewatch and Inside are to be included for the in-demand games from Playstation Plus subscribers.

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As for platformers, Ratchet & Clank and Rayman Legends seem to be the favorites among fans of the genre. Meanwhile, some gamers have requested either Gravity Rush Remastered or Gravity Rush 2 (Demo) for next month.

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 (via

The Gravity Rush 2 (Demo) was released to the Asian PlayStation Plus channel last October. Because of this, other subscribers from different regions also wanted the game so bad. Fortunately, it looks like they can all exclude the game from next year?s lineup as the demo was already released. According to the Playstation Blog, Gravity Rush 2 (Demo) was made available for download last December 22.

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According to the same report, the demo version is divided into two different paths. The first path is for those who are new to the game. This path will introduce all the moves and abilities of the game?s main character.

Meanwhile, the second path is for those who are well versed in the game. This will showcase more gravity-defying moves and techniques of the game.

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For Playstation VR gamers, in addition to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Playstation VR Worlds is also included in the list. This collection of five exhilarating virtual reality games is probably the best for first-time users. The bundle includes The London Heist, VR Luge, Ocean Descent, Scavengers Odyssey and Danger Ball.

Playstation Plus subscribers are hoping for a good lineup free games to bring in the new year. So far, Sony has been delivering sub-par game titles for the past couple of months. Hopefully, January 2017?s lineup will not disappoint its millions of paying subscribers by releasing underwhelming game titles.

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