Playstation VR PS4 Games List: Compatible Games To Come Out In Playstation Plus January 2017 Free Games Announcement

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The month is once again almost over. For a Playstation Plus subscriber, this is always an exciting moment as they will know the free games for the following month. Pretty soon, Sony will be announcing the Playstation Plus free games for January 2017. Whether their predictions will come true or not, they will soon find out pretty quick.

Some Playstation 4 gamers cannot help but wonder if Sony will include games for the Playstation VR in next month?s lineup. Although the Playstation VR is still quite new, users are optimistic that it will be get a free game release.

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Unfortunately, during the Playstation VR launch, Shuhei Yoshida did not indicate whether PSVR apps will be included in the monthly free game releases. According to the Sony Computer Entertainment president, the company is still mulling over the idea.

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Months after the release, there are still no news whether or not PSVR games will be included in the monthly roster. However, hopes are still high among Playstation VR fans.

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That being said, there are still a few PSVR game titles that are marked in demand from virtual reality gamers. On top of the list is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. This virtual reality rollercoaster ride is perhaps one of the most exhilarating game on the platform. That is probably why a lot of users like the game.

Another one on the list is Playstation VR Worlds. Although not exactly ?in-house?, a lot of Playstation VR gamers enjoyed the collection of five high quality VR games. The bundle includes The London Heist, Ocean Descent, VR Luge, Danger Ball, and Scavenger?s Odyssey.

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Finally, for those who have a love-hate relationship with their jobs, there is the Job Simulator. Although a bit of a giveaway, this game is still quite enjoyable. Anyone can ?simulate? being on the job as a gourmet chef, coffee shop attendant, office worker, and more.

To date, Sony is still mum about any news regarding the January 2017 Playstation Plus free games lineup. Nevertheless, subscribers need only wait a few more days before they hear the announcement from the gaming company.

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