Sony PlayStation 4’s Long-Rumored Virtual Reality Headset to Be Announced Next Week

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PlayStation 4 VR Headset

PlayStation 4’s Virtual Reality Headset

If you have heard of Oculus Rift then you must have an idea of what it is and that it will battle Microsoft?s Xbox One and Sony?s PlayStation 4. For those who haven?t heard of it, Oculus Rift is a next-gen virtual reality headset for use with video gaming. Is this something that will make Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo a run for their money in the upcoming E3 2014? Sony?s got an answer to this however and no need to wait for E3.


With the upcoming Game Developer?s Conference in San Francisco next week, Sony will ?unveil? something that they call ?innovation at PlayStation and the future of gaming?. You guessed it right most probably. It is Oculus Rift?s competitor. According to TechRadar, a reliable inside source told them last month that the VR headset has already been in the works and is actually going to be ready soon enough. It was originally intended to be announced either Gamescom or Tokyo Gameshow last year but it didn?t happen. Sony stated that they wanted to make sure that before they finally announce the device, it should be pretty much well polished already.


Sony already have a fair share of this type of devices but this is the first virtual reality headset that is going to be dedicated for gaming purposes. Mark Cenry, PS4?s lead system architect stated that virtually reality is going to be the next big thing and possibly, going to be the main focus of big-game producers for the following decade as it is presenting a significant impact with the coming months and years in the video game industry.


Some rumors also say that Sony is also planning demo some virtual-reality games in the upcoming E3 event as well and this is probably a prompt reply to Oculus Rift?s statement about PS4 being too limited with their headset along with Xbox one which also has something in the works called ?Fortazela”

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