Sony Overpriced Playstation Now Being Criticized?

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There are lots of awesome games coming out this season. Some say games are like Pokemons and players are the trainers. You only need a few but it urges you to catch them all. You play with the ones you enjoy. Some games do not receive the same attention but you still might want to have them. And because of that you hunt for games that you want to put in your pokeball or games collection. Sales are coming off the roof for these new games that are out in the market. Surely lots of gamers have their copies of the newest, high end games out there.

Recent news says that Sony has been flanked with a lot of criticisms from gamers due to their Playstation Now beta pricing. According to sources, the service is offering plenty of older titles such as the Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Saint?s Row: The Third. However, prices are ridiculous as gamers point out that renting the game is much more expensive than owning it.

Rental periods cover 4 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days. But Sony seems to be overpricing the game, that a mere 4-hour rental of the game has the same price of the game that you can buy from retailers. Though renting a game from Playstation Now has some benefits, it allows you to stream games to multiple Playstation devices such as PS Vita, PS TV, PS4, and PS3. Sony made promises that the services will ?spread to non-Playstation devices but several players or non-PS users doubt it will happen.

With the current pricing that Playstation Now is offering, there?s no promise that it will go smoothly. However, the service is still on beta, so there?s a slight glimpse of hope that they will change their marketing strategy and hear the voice of the users to lower the price. Though there are talks about a monthly subscription that allows users to take control of the full library and have access to ?most of the games they are posting, there are no facts regarding that matter.

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