Sony Online Entertainment is Providing Updates for Landmark

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The Landmark game by Sony Online Entertainment is going to receive updates by introducing underground tunnels and caves. The build and craft type of game is currently in closed beta but the website has the option for users to apply for the beta.

The caves will start opening up in the next coming weeks and it encourages players to venture further underground in search of different building materials. The Landmark game is based on Sony Online Entertainment?s EverQuest Next asset creation tool suite and it allows players to collect, explore, and build in more or less the same way as Minecraft.

The game is constantly evolving and as the beta progresses, a lot of new features are being introduced like an MMO style combat, economic and social systems, and a storefront which allows players to trade and sell all of their creative assets. Sony Online Entertainment went on to mention that they are hoping to buy player created assets for use in its own games in the future.

SOE has plans to increase the world?s size and the introduction of caves will be one of the starting points. This feature is set to be released before the end of the month. According to Senior Producer Terry Michaels, he mentioned that: ?We have talked about wanting to make a truly 3D world where you can dig down into the earth and explore just a far as you want to?. He also went on to add that: ?That’s what adding caves is all about. It allows us to spread people throughout the world and let them see just how vast an actual 3D world can be.?

Players will be able to dig literally anywhere in the world, but the tunnels and caves will heal over with the passage of time. SOE made caves though will not heal over, but they can change their shape at any given day, which is something that does not happen in the over-world. The entrances to the caves will not change, but some deeper caves will only be accessible by digging from other underground passages.

In the Alpha version of the game, the resources were all on the surface. With the addition of caves, players must now explore underground to find other resources. The most valuable of resources are said to be salted deep in the ground.

Players won?t be able to build structures underground as of now, although there are plans to put these features in the future.

No announcement has been made yet for the release date.

Photo Source: Landmark website

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