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Sony: Metal Gear Rising 2 and Spotify News

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Some tech news is coming our way and it seems there are some things which could keep us happy. Everybody knows about Metal Gear; and surely, all who work would connect with Spotify. These two things, though completely different, provide us with one thing?entertainment. However, news about the two is completely welcome, especially if it tells Sony consumers something about what to expect in connection with their devices?in this case, the Sony PlayStation 4.

As per GameSpot, the Metal Gear Rising 2 game had been inadvertently referred to during an event by Sony. Is there any truth to this rumor? Is it a deliberate ?slip of the tongue?, if you will, or are people just jumping to conclusions? You do know how speculations go, but then again, we?ll take a look at it and see what it really is. In other news, it appears that Sony has made the feelers they?ve sent to Spotify work?as per Time, the music service is in partnership with bringing their extensive database over to the PlayStation 4.

Metal Gear Rising to Expectations?

Initially, the news from GameSpot said that Metal Gear Rising 2 may have accidentally given itself away. A trailer is in question which showed the number 2 in the same stylized font as Metal Gear Rising; that alone was enough to fuel suspicion this may have been a give-away of Metal Gear Rising 2.

An update, however, served to dispel those rumors. Kojima Productions, the outfit behind the Metal Gear series, has since spoken to dispel the notion that the number ?2? was hinting at something. The only reason he could give was that Sony was behind the trailer, and as it appeared, as per the GameSpot article, Sony was just counting down to something.

That ?something? may still happen to be the Metal Gear Rising 2 game, which could very well be in development still. Kojima Productions? Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, the senior producer who issued the rumor, has neither denied or admitted anything, so speculations are still up in the air.

Sony, Meet Spotify; Say Good-bye to…?

Spotify and Sony Network Entertainment International recently agreed in talks this past week which resulted in a new music service.

The premium music service will be called PlayStation Music, and with it, as per Time, players will be able to use over 30 million songs as background music to PlayStation games. Yep, you heard that right. Perhaps you can now use ?Enter Sandman? when you finish off that boss or something. However, somebody gets left out of the loop?as per Time, Sony?s Music Unlimited Service will be eased out this March 2015. Users subscribed to the service will be able to benefit from a month of free access to PlayStation Music, though.

Sony is looking at this to boost their lackluster sales; although, of course, that also means users will be able to set music according to their gaming moods. Imagine hearing heavy metal ditties when playing through a zombie apocalypse or shooting game or a somber tone when playing through a horror game.

Sony?s Sales Targets

All that Sony has done recently may be targeted at uplifting the lackluster sales targets they?ve posted, as per Time. Knowing PlayStation, however, Sony may manage to bounce back once the titles start rolling in just in time for the music service to provide some kick-ass gaming experience.


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