Sony: Many PS4 Owners Haven’t Played ‘The Last of Us’

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Players are getting excited about the award winning game ?The Last of Us.? Why? Because the game, branded as ?The Last of Us: Remastered,??can be played with a 1080p resolution and will be available on?PS4 and Xbox One consoles on July 29.

“The Last of Us” is one of Naughty Dog?s Award winning games that is said to be the most significant titles of the last console generation. It did win several awards during its time but Sony statistics states that many of their PS3 players have not even played the game.

In an interview with?MCV,?Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Product Manager, Josh Walker said, ?The Last of Us is considered one of the most significant titles of the last console generation, winning countless awards, it would be almost unfair for all our new fans to never play a game like this.?

Walker aired some of his sentiments about the game but he never told them the exact numbers of players who haven’t tried playing “The Last of Us.”

?We?ve looked at PSN data and can see a huge proportion of PS4 players haven?t experienced The Last of Us yet,” he added.

Naughty Dog suggested that the new ?Last of Us: Remastered? will run smooth at 60 frames per second while running on 1080p. Players will be able to experience it firsthand as it includes high resolution character models with improved shadows and lighting.

There are lots of things that you will get when you purchase the copy for $50. The copy includes a DLC, a director?s commentary, and special interviews of the voice actors,Troy Baker who played as Joel and Ashley Johnson, who played Ellie.

Naughty Dog has also posted a few reminders about the game: “Player progress from The Last of Us PS3 multiplayer will not carry over to the PS4 version – giving all players a level playing field in Factions mode. However if you played Factions on PS3, you will be getting a supply bonus to give your Factions mode progression on The Last of Us Remastered a boost.”

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