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Sony Loves Devs, But PS4 Gamers Hate Indie Games

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Can you imagine a scenario, where you?ve chanced upon jaw dropping trailers and video demonstrations, and Gamescom is leading up to the launch of Sony?s PlayStation 4. You got so stoked and you?ve decided to save your hard earned money, even trading your old console just to buy the next leap in the technology of gaming.
You anxiously take it home, quickly read thru the manual before setting it up on your 60 inch flat screen TV. Then you surf the net to search for anything else to play aside from the major limited AAA on offer, and all you see is a bunch of cheap-looking Atari indie games.

We know it sounds funny, but these types of complaints are exactly what PlayStation community members are expressing as the indie games just keep on coming. Actually, Sony even admits that they only make money out of 4 of the 10 indie games published on their network, but still, Sony vows to keep supporting developers. This is great news, most especially for young upstarts, but not so much for hardcore PlayStation 4 gamers.

Apart from a few exceptions like Transistor, Outlast, Fez, Doki-Doki Universe and Resogun, there aren?t ?many indies being showed much needed love, as we found on PS4 Top 20 Best Sellers Games List July 2014. As a matter of fact, the only reason behind why some indies managed to be on that list was due to lack of choice. Now, we are only 4 months away from PlayStation 4?s first full year cycle. Big publishers are revealing blockbuster kinds of games, but with the lack of originality from these supposedly better games, we think indie game developers are being given a fair shake.

Actually, indie titles are not that bad. Those kind of games sparks a sense of nostalgia, creativity and originality other popular publishers cannot match, even with ?Class S? graphics.
Sony?s President, Shuhei Yoshida was right, and we most certainly agree with him when he said that ?For every 10 games on PlayStation 4, there are at least 4 amazing gems that make the overall investment worth it in the end.?


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