Sony Falling Short of PlayStation 4 Demand in Europe

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Since Sony?s launch of its PlayStation 4 last November, the company admits it still continues to struggle in keeping up with the demand of the well-coveted console across Europe.

In an interview with TrustedReviews during E3 2014, Fergal Gara, the Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, said that ?we haven?t yet caught up with the initial demand across Europe. We are still dealing with the day one market.? That must really be a lot of demand considering it has already been 8 months since its release.

?We are very close to being in a full supply situation, but we are not quite there yet,? he added.

Despite the surge of demand of the PlayStation 4, Gara admitted that the current situation is resulting to a lot of lost sales. ?We may have lost some sales,? he told TrustedReviews. ?There is no update on PS4 sales figures right now, but suffice to say it is still selling, and selling very well,? he added.

Of the European countries suffering from the short supply, Sony UK still seems to be able to cope with the nation?s demand. ?We are in a bit better shape in the UK, but there are countries that are still selling out every last unit that drops into the market on a weekly basis,? he said.

Other countries are not as fortunate though. ?A good example at the moment would be Germany who had phenomenal sales figures last week, but just haven?t had enough stock so far.?

When asked about their plans on the upcoming festive season, he said in the interview that they already have plans to recover their losses. ?We have spent a lot of time at E3 talking about the plan for Christmas and I think we?ve got enough exciting content to be able to rekindle that interest,? he said.

Despite the lost of sales due to stock shortage, it is still safe to assume that Sony?s PS4 is winning the sales war against its long-time competitor and rival, Microsoft?s Xbox One, which was released the same month as the PS4. But that may soon change as Microsoft recently announced that it will be selling its Xbox One without Kinect and the console cost now rivals that of the PlayStation 4.

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