Sony Executive Reacts To Rare Nintendo-Sony Video Game Console

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Sony and Nintendo’s console that never was.

It?s not an urban legend: Nintendo and Sony did make a video game console together, and Sony president Shuehei Yoshida was able to play with it before. He was also able to get a hands-on of the device during its development in the 1990?s.

?When I joined Ken Kutaragi?s team [in 1993], there was a system called ?Play Station? that had both Super cartridge support and some disc games support,? Yoshida said in a report.

Yoshida was already working for Sony in 1986, five years before the reveal of the canned Nintendo Playstation console. Yoshida however refused to confirm the legibility of the video that surfaced last week, which showed a man showing-off the rare console.

?Somehow, I think it?s more fun to keep it kind of a mystery,? he said.

In July 2, a reddit user posted photos of the Super Disc Prototypes which garnered interest from the public and gaming websites. Gaming site Polygon even requested the man to post a video online.

The following day, the man uploaded the video and the gaming community got a glimpse of the console that was never made.

People who were unaware that a Nintendo-Sony console existed were all shocked. Tech junkies and game geeks were astonished that such a console still existed as there were only 200 units manufactured. Some however deemed the console a fake because the viral video never showed the console running games.

The man in the video said he discovered the console his father?s box because his father previously worked at Nintendo. The console was never distributed to the public and never got past the prototype stage.

Why Was There A Nintendo-Sony Console?

Both companies partnered to create a Super Nintentdo with a CD Drive, a report said. However, the deal was cut-off after Nintendo made a deal with Philips. Sony continued to develop the console without Nintendo which enabled them to produce ?Playstation?, one of the best selling game consoles of all time and one of the most successful home video game business.

Now wouldn?t it be fun to know if there are other rare artefact coming out in the coming days with the same rarity and novelty as the Sony-Nintendo Playstation?

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