Sony E3 2017: All Leaked Announcements And Early Reveals

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This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is well underway and a lot of developers have already showcased what they have ready for the next months or so. There are a still a few companies that are yet to take center stage though. Ahead of their conference at E3, a few guys have already leaked the most exciting details for the Sony E3 2017 conference.

Leaks are happening left and right regarding the Sony E3 2017 conference. Sony’s time on the center stage is set to happen in a few hours from now but fans already have an idea of what they’ll see at the conference. Here are all of the leaked Sony E3 2017 announcements and reveals.

God Of War Release Date

As expected, the new take on Kratos and the rebooted God of War is going to be present at E3 2017, and there’s already new details of what Sony has in store for the game over at the conference. Sony is set to reveal the release date for the upcoming title and we’ll be getting our hands on it this Nov. 28, reports PlayStation Lifestyle. According to the report, the YouTube gaming channel displayed the release date on their page.

Ni No Kuni 2 Early Announcement

Ahead of the Sony E3 2017 conference, Bandai Namco has announced the release date for the anticipated Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom. The game will arrive on Nov. 10 this year for the PC and PlayStation 4. The game was first revealed back at Sony’s E3 2015 conference and we can expect the game to make an appearance once again.

Knack 2

Also ahead of the Sony E3 2017 conference are gameplay reveals of the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Knack 2. Like the first game, there’s heavy focus on platforming and combat in the sequel to the 2013 title. The release date hasn’t been revealed yet but the game will come later this year. We might get more details on it during Sony’s conference since this is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The game has gotten new live demonstrations from certain gaming outlets during this E3 week, so we’ll likely see more at Sony’s conference.

File Trademarks

What makes Sony’s conference all the more exciting are the new trademarks filed by Sony discovered earlier today. Some of the name’s filed for trademarks by Sony include “The Impatient,” “Bravo Team”, “Frantics”, “Knowledge is Power” and “That’s You! Perhaps the most interesting among the titles discovered in the recent leak is “Shadow of the Colossus.” Aside from Shadow of the Colossus, all of these could be new IPs that will be revealed at the Sony E3 2017 conference.

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