Sony Confirms PS4 Neo: Top Features to Expect

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PS4 Neo

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2016 is one of the most exciting events for video game lovers all over the world. The expo sets the stage for the biggest developers and tech companies to showcase their best games and gadgets for the whole world to see. One of the devices which many people has been really excited about going into E3 2016 has been the Playstation 4 or the PS4 Neo. While fans of the Playstation console have received good news with Sony confirming the PS4 Neo, it also came with some bad news as well.

According to a report from The Verge, Sony has confirmed that it will be releasing the highly anticipated PS4 Neo console. While the confirmation by Sony of the PS4 Neo will surely spark a lot of excitement for those expecting to try the console at E3 2016, the electronics giant though has revealed that it will not be showcasing the Neo at the expo.

With the PS4 Neo already confirmed, here are the top features that you should be excited about for the console.

  • Faster Processor ? The PS4 Neo is expected to have a faster processor as compared to the current Playstation 4, as reported by The Verge. A faster processor means better performance which will surely make tons of gamers excited.
  • Better Graphics ? The graphics of the new games have become better and better and with this trend the PS4 Neo promises to have improved graphics as well.
  • 4K Resolution Support ? 4K is the next big thing when it comes to television and the PS4 Neo doesn?t look to be falling behind as it is expected to have 4K resolution support.

Pocket-Lint reports that so far no release date has been set but expect more news on the PS4 Neo in the coming months as a more clear release date will surely come soon. Check back here in the future to find out more news and updates on the PS4 Neo as well as other games and gadgets releasing soon.

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