Sony Announces ‘Archival Disc’ That Can Store Up to 1 TB: Will There Be Even Better Games?

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Archival Disc

Archival Disc


Last March 10, Sony officially announced the ?Archival Disc?. It is said that it will be the next generation Blu-Ray format that can store ?huge chunks of data sizing up to 1 Terabyte.

Current Blu-Ray discs can only store 50 GB of data. These are the standard format used for full HD movies and ?is also more known to be in use for popular gaming consoles such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With 50 GB of data, we can already see the mouth-watering graphical goodness with modern games recently released, like The Last Of Us, Killzone and Assassin?s Creed.

Sony, along with Panasonic states that the Archival Disc will be next-generation discs that will break the boundaries of storage limitations in terms of digital media.

Aside from the huge increase in capacity, Archival Disc will also have better protection from physical abuse and will have better dust resistance, water resistance and even temperature changes.

Archival Disc is set to be released in Summer of 2015 and they will have varied versions of the disc ranging from 300 GB, 500 GB and the largest one, 1 TB. However, only the 300 GB will make it on the first release date and the larger versions will follow eventually, though there is no time frame given in the schedule.

Unfortunately, to bust some bubbles for gaming aficionados, Archival Disc is purported only for ?Professionals? for now. Not much has been mentioned about it being available for most consumers. Sony and Panasonic pointed out that the product is more aimed for companies that needs it the most like film producers, or online cloud centers. It will be an effective solution for digital storage and protection in the future. It might become available for consumer use if it gets popular enough due to a huge public demand. The kind of games you can think about with a 300 GB or 1 TB disc might be more epic than anything we?ve seen in a next-gen game. We can only hope.

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