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Sony Admits: PS Vita’s Future is Uncertain

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Despite the successful launch of the Sony PlayStation 4, a Sony gaming platform is facing an uncertain future ? the PS Vita.

There has been growing concerns that the PS Vita no longer carries as many Triple-A games as before. Andrew House, President of Sony Computer Entertainment replied to this concern by saying that his company is still in “wait and see” mode.

House said, ?I certainly think you?ll still see [Vita] as a Triple-A machine in Japan where it has a different function with console dynamic of the marketplace??That for me is a given. It?s hard to say in terms of the other markets?.

He further added, ?I think remote play is still in its nascent stages, I think we need to have better understanding. We know a lot of players are embracing it and using it and seem to like the experience a lot, but necessarily that changes the dynamic. You know, if you can play your PlayStation 4 content at will on Vita, then does that obviate the necessity of having Triple-A content or not??

?I think that question will stay unanswered for a little bit.?

Although several new triple-A games have been exclusively released to PS Vita, such games are getting fewer every year. Sony recently confirmed this downward trend.

Origin and Specs

The PlayStation Vita or PS Vita is a product manufactured and marketed by Sony. It is a handheld gaming console that replaced the PlayStation Portable. It was first released in Japan December 2011, and later released to the rest of the world in the first months of 2012.

The PS Vita features two analog sticks and an OLED touchscreen. It is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable, and as an option, it can support 3G. It contains quad-core chips for both its processor and graphics.

PCH-2000, which is the latest model, ?is lighter and thinner than the previous models. It also has a longer battery life and now sports an LCD screen. PS Vita has an internal memory storage of 1GB and includes a port for micro USB.

In Japan there is a PS Vita version that can allow its owner to play games on television.

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