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Sony Chief Admits No Man’s Sky Is ‘Sucky’, PR To Blame

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No Man's Sky

In an interview during the Tokyo Game Show, Sony president Shuhei Yoshida admits that he understands the frustrations from No Man’s Sky gamers. According to him, all of it is to be blamed on poor PR strategy.

Since its launch, complaints about No Man’s Sky has been gathering momentum. A lot of day one players were left disgruntled about the lack of contents for the new game. Apart from that, gamers also complained about the general ?buggyness? of the game.

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On its release, players who preordered the game reported glitches and errors. The glitches range from getting stuck in space stations to the more sinister game game crashes.

Due to this, annoyed customers have started asking Sony for refunds. Unfortunately, this was met by Sony denying them refunds. The company says that it goes against its policy for digitally downloaded games, at least. Sony also added that since its release, Hello Games has been working to evolve and add new features to the game.

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All these problems with the game stemmed from the poor PR strategy and high hopes on promised features, said Yoshida. However, he was quick to defend the developer, Hello Games, about the efforts that it is putting in order to get the game ?fixed?. According to Yoshida, ?It wasn?t a great PR strategy, because he didn?t have a PR person helping him, and in the end he is an indie developer. But he says their plan is to continue to develop No Man?s Sky features and such, and I?m looking forward to continuing to play the game.?

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When asked if he thinks the game has harmed Sony?s reputation, he was quick enough to say that he does not think it is the case. In fact, he feels proud of the game?s success. No Man’s Sky, for what it is worth, is indeed an indie game. However, it is not a surprise that the developer has over-promised but under-delivered. This was then made worse by the lack of professional PR help.

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