?Sons of Anarchy? Returns: Spinoff In The Works? Plot To Focus On Prequel Story?

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Sons of Anarchy is set to return with a new spin off series based on Mayans motorcycle club with possible return of Charlie Hunnam.

Kurt Sutter creator of Sons of Anarchy announced axing of his new show ?The Bastard Executioner? due to low ratings says TechTimes, which has lead to fans speculating the production new spin-off series. The Bastard Executioner which first premiered on Sept 15 ended its first and final season on Tuesday, November 17. Sutter has confirmed the spin off series based on Mayans but is still looking for the right writer. The spin off series would be a contemporary story instead of the rumored prequel.

The new series would revolve Mayans Motorcycle Club and would include characters from the original Sons of Anarchy series. The plot of the spin-off series has been confirmed by Entertainment Weekly as: The project focuses on the Mayans ? the Oakland-based Hispanic MC gang that had quite a rocky history with SAMCRO?across seven seasons. In the original series, the?Mayans run heroin factories and are also involved in prostitution. Their cuts bear the legend ?Los Asesinos de Dios? ? Assassins of God.

The prequel to the Sons of Anarchy isn?t off the table either with Sutter hinting its possibility in the near future to Deadline. The prequel which will be a limited series would focus on the early years that lead of the formation of SAMCRO after Jax? father John Teller and Piney return from the Vietnam War.

Sons of Anarchy was a crime drama that debuted in September 2008 and follows lives of a outlaw motorcycle club operating in fictional town of Charming, California with Jackson ?Jax? Teller(Charlie Hunnam) as a central character.?Sons of Anarchy aired on cable network FX and the series finale premiered on December 9, 2014. The new spin off series is still just in development phase let alone production so it will be long before fans finally get to see it.

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