The Sons of Anarchy Spinoff Series: Viewers to Expect Latin America Perspective

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Sons of Anarchy

The Sons of Anarchy spinoff series Mayans MC will begin filming in 2017 and creator Kurt Sutter has already teased Charlie Hunnam?s Jax Teller cameo.

Speculations have been floating around whether Hunnam will reprise the role of Jax. His character was the main character in Sons of Anarchy for its seven year run, but was seen killed in the Season 7 finale.

Sutter is also working on a prequel before the events of Sons of Anarchy which will focus on the origins of SAMCRO, meaning that Hunnam?s cameo will be on the Mayans MC series.

Possibility of Jax Resurrection

If Mayans MC happens after Jax?s death, he still can be brought back in a number of different ways, such as dreams, hallucinations, and flashbacks.

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In an interview, Hunnam said that saying goodbye to his character was painful. ?”As stupid as it sounds, it really felt like a genuine bereavement, because he was this guy that I loved and hung out with constantly for seven years,” he added

Movie News Guide reports that Hunnam was key to the success of the seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy . Hence, it will be a good move for Sutter and the production team. Also, Hunnam received a Best Actor nomination for the final season of the series.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Storyline

The series is expected to be from the perspective of Latin America culture. Sutter previously revealed that it will be a ?dark, visceral? family drama.

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As of today, Elgin James and Sutter is still working to develop a storyline for Mayans MC. James is known for his work on Little Birds, and was hired by Sutter because he ?is that voice? to ?accurately portray Latin sub-culture in the biker world

As of the writing, Hunnam has not commented on his involvement in Mayans MC, and FX has not released any news about the projected premiere date of the series.

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