‘Sonic Mania’ Update Adds New Boss, Stage Transitions & More

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Sonic Mania Update
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It seems there is still more in store for fans of Sonic Mania. According to reports, a new Sonic Mania update has been leaked, and with it comes a slew of details on what many players can expect from the patch. Here’s what you need to know.

Sonic Mania Update: What’s Included?

The Sonic Mania patch in question was discovered by some PS4 players in the UK. Allegedly, the update is speculated to be a prelude to Sonic Mania Plus, which is said to become available later this year. As per Redditor TwistedVivid, the leaked Sonic Mania update involves the following tweaks:

• All zones in the game that lacked transitions will now have their own stage transitions

• All cutscenes can be skipped

• Menus have received a total overhaul

• Options on Save Files can be changed (abilities such as Insta-Shield, Super Peel Out and Knuckles Mode can now be used in save files instead of just in non-saved play)

• The Time Limit can be disabled, allowing for better exploration of levels for more than 10 minutes

• Multiplayer added a non-stretched meu

• New DLC options in themenu

• Metal Sonic boss fight has been tweaked, with one phase being completely overhauled

• Super Sonic received new animations, including a brand new idle animation

• Ice blocks in Press Garden Act 2 received a graphical change

• Tails Chemical Plant Act 1 intro cutscene has been added

While some of these updates may seem rather minor, overall, the patch looks promising and will make for a more fluid gaming experience.

What is Sonic Mania?

For the uninitiated, Sonic Mania is the latest entry in Sonic the Hedgehog’s video game franchise. It was produced in commemoration of the Sonic the Hedgehog series’ 25th anniversary and was released in August 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows.

Notably, Sonic Mania pays homage to early Sonic games thanks to its level design, music, and overall feel as a 2D platform game. Featuring retro graphics, the game follows titular character Sonic — accompanied by Knuckles and Tails — as he ventures on a journey to take down his nemesis, Doctor Eggman.

Upon its release, Sonic Mania was praised by many, especially considering how previous Sonic games — particularly titles released after the 1990s — flopped and were poorly received. Sonic Mania Plus, on the other hand, is an anticipated enhanced version of the original Sonic Mania. It will feature additional characters and new content.

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