Song Joong Ki Linked To Cancellation Of Descendants Of The Sun 2: Lead Cast?s Agency Fights Back

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Song Joong Ki is being linked to rumors that Descendants of the Sun 2 will be cancelled. The issue, which stemmed from a million-dollar lawsuit involving a Hong Kong company, was addressed by the lead cast?s reps.

Tour issues

Fan events starring the lead Descendants of the Sun cast member recently took place overseas. The tour was titled “2016 Song Joong Ki Asia Tour Fan Meeting.?

The gatherings drew thousands of fans who followed the phenomenal wartime K-drama. Furthermore, the events? success fueled more hopes that the hit KBS series will have a sequel.

In a surprising turn of events, a contractor who ran the fan meetings sued the tour?s organizers. The lawsuit, which is specifically for the handlers of the Hong Kong leg, reportedly costs 9.6 million HKD ? roughly $1.2 million USD.

The Hong Kong entertainment firm that was outsourced for production and promotions claims that they have not been paid yet. The amount is allegedly for a total of eight fan events from May and July 2016.

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Descendants of the Sun 2 cancelled?

While the lawsuit is targeted towards organizers, Song Joong Ki?s name has inevitably been getting negative publicity for it. As the headliner of the events being questioned, the 31-year-old Hallyu heartthrob has been unfairly dragged.

Moreover, the controversy has caused fans to worry that Descendants of the Sun 2 might get cancelled. The lead actor has long been rumored to be hesitant about participating in the second installment. In fact, his rumored departure reportedly even caused leading lady Song Hye Kyo to decline the sequel.


Photos from Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram pages

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Joong Ki?s reps speak up

Now, Joong Ki?s reps from Blossom Entertainment have released an official statement.

The agency first pointed out that the lawsuit is ?unrelated? to their artist. However, they still looked into the issue to clarify matters ? most likely since Joong Ki is being questioned.

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Upon investigating, Blossom Entertainment discovered that the Hong Kong promotion team changed their company name. This is said to be the reason why miscommunications occurred even though payments have already been issued.

In addition to the clarifications, the K-drama star?s spokespersons said that the lawsuit would be dropped very soon.

Song Joong Ki has not commented on the lawsuit. There has also been no confirmation from him or showrunners about Descendants of the Sun?s sequel. As such, it is best to take reports with a grain of salt and wait for official statements. TheBitBag will be on the lookout for updates.

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