Song Joong-ki Enjoys Shooting Love Scenes With Song Hye-kyo

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Fans of ?Descendants of the Sun? hope that the much anticipated Korean TV drama will be back on air soon.

The Song-Song couple never fails to bring positive vibes to their fans even when Descendants of the Sun is over on screen. Song Joong-ki recently admitted something that will make fans very happy. He shared that he enjoys shooting love scenes with Song Hye-kyo during his recent meeting with fans in Thailand.

According to Joong-ki, shooting love scenes with his stunning on-screen partner is easier than doing the action scenes. Most fans would certainly agree. The high level of trust and comfort seen every time Joong-ki and Hye-kyo do love scenes make it so realistic. No one is to blame for refusing to believe that there is no romantic relationship going on between the Song-Song lovebirds.

Joong-ki was very kind to answer questions from all of his fans in Thailand. He also admitted that he is not actually a romantic unlike his character in Descendants of the Sun. He played Captain Yoo Shi Jin in the KBS drama.

When fans asked him about his relationship with Hye-kyo, Joong-ki said he doesn?t want to rush things. This is understandable with his busy schedule. Rumor has it that he was recently spotted filming for Descendants of the Sun 2.

The director of photography for DoS revealed that only for the purpose of perfection, on-screen kisses between the Song-Song couple required some surprising number of takes. One hundred separate takes would be enough to accomplish multiple angles. ?

The director also shared that whenever Joong-ki commits a mistake, Hye-kyo would be the one to request to retake the scene. Both of them were committed to delivering perfect scenes.

In a fan meeting in China, Joong-ki referred to Hye-kyo as an older sister. Despite his cute remarks, many fans are still wishing that rumors about them dating in real life were true.

Joong-ki and Hye-kyo?s team up started with their hit series Descendants of the Sun. The KBS drama obtained huge success not only in South Korea but also in the U.S., China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia.

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