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Song of the Deep Release Date: July Launch Is Final As Insomniac?s Underwater Game Goes Gold

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Song of the Deep Release

There?s no delays for the latest title from Insomniac Games, as the developers confirmed that the Song of the Deep release is set in stone as the game has gone gold. This means that development for the game is finished, and the only thing the developers have to do is polish the title and get it ready for launch.

Revealed on Twitter, the game going gold means that its July 12 release date is final, so fans will not have to worry about any last-minute delays. This isn?t another case of Mighty No. 9, though to be fair, this game was not funded via Kickstarter like the supposed tribute to MegaMan.

Fans should be excited about the Song of the Deep release, since this is the first Metroidvania-style game that Insomniac has worked on. It follows a classic tale of a little girl searching for her father in the ocean, where players have to rely on discovery and skills to survive the terrifying areas under the sea.

Prior to this, the studio has mostly worked on platformers like Ratchet and Clank or open-world games like Sunset Overdrive and the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 project. The studio also worked on the PS3 exclusive first-person series Resistance, which got plenty of good reviews, so it is clear that the company is pretty good with different genres.

One of the most interesting things about Song of the Deep is the publisher Game Trust, which is owned by world-renowned retail store Game Stop. The physical release of the game will be exclusive to Game Stop, and it will be available digitally for those who have no access to the game store.

While Insomniac has been known for making console exclusives ? Sunset Overdrive was exclusive to Xbox One, while Ratchet and Clank is only available on the PS4 ? Song of the Deep will be available for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC right away. It is interesting to note how Insomniac has only made console exclusive games, though it does show how talented the developers are, since companies go to them for exclusives.

The Song of the Deep release is only one month away, so fans of the Metroidvania genre have plenty of reasons to get excited for this release.

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