Somerville Game Is A ‘Completely Different Experience’ From Inside And Limbo, Says Ex-Playdead CEO

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Source: Somerville Official Teaser Trailer video

Former Playdead CEO Dino Patti confirmed that his next project, Somerville, will be a different experience from his previous games. Similarities could still be pointed out but only to Somerville’s polish.

As Patti reveals in a VentureBeat interview, Somerville is developed by Patti and his new partner, Jumpship owner Chris Olsen. So far, Somerville’s gameplay is different as it’ll provide more content and player freedom than Inside. The developers also promise that this upcoming game will have a platforming gameplay with an “overriding mechanic” that won’t be too hardcore to understand.

“On the surface, some would say it looks similar, but for me it’s a completely different experience,” Patti said when asked what makes Somerville unique from Playdead’s games. Olsen also detailed what makes the game different from Inside and Limbo: “Mechanically there is jumping and running left and right. But in terms of the layers on top of that that make it a different thing, those are very different.”

Its art style and theme will also be different from Playdead’s two hit games. As seen in its trailer, a contrasting image of quiet barn houses on grass are flanked by a technologically advanced skyscraper. Additionally, an intergalactic conflict is being fought near the skyscraper’s airspace. So far, the trailer didn’t have any exposition, obvious hints or main characters that’ll set the game’s overarching tone.

Even though Somerville will be different, fans can still expect the same visual and design polish that was found in Limbo and Inside. Limbo’s striking black world and Inside’s effective visual presentation made the games memorable for its designs and sights. Due to Somerville’s futuristic setting, we might have a great use of colorful scenes from these developers.

However, we’ve yet to know how long Jumpship will develop Somerville. Playdead released Limbo in 2010 while Inside followed in 2016. Patti says they don’t know how long it’ll take but Olsen thinks that they won’t make the fans wait six years for Somerville’s release. If ever the developers follow the same development window as Inside, we might receive Somerville in 2022-2023.

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