Some Tips For You: Capture Better Videos with Your iDevices

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One of the best features of Apple products is their good camera quality. People use their iPhone, iPod or iPad’s camera all the time.??It is most probably one of the many reasons why people buy Apple devices and why they have so many loyal fans all over the world. A friend of mine even said once that she looks better whenever she takes her “selfies” using her iPhone. But recording videos is also another strength of Apple devices that people tend to have a problem with. The outcome of their recording usually ends up shaky or blurred.

Whether if it is just recording your next viral video or your son’s graduation, you need to read these tips to make sure you capture those moments effectively.


  • Be steady. If you do not have a tripod mount for getting steady footage, remember this tip: do not be a slouch when it comes to shooting. Use both of your hands to grip your device and keep your elbows close to your body. You will see how big of an improvement this tip will cause. No need to edit your shaky videos anymore in iMovie!
  • Use the tap to focus features.?You will surely get better results if you tap on the screen once before you start shooting to focus on the key subject in your image or video. Auto-focus is considered a normal part of every shooting experience but it must not be forgotten by every user that it is vital.?This tap to focus technology will allow you to choose the subject the camera will dedicate its focus to. If ever you need to change the focus of your video, you can easily change it as you go. Here’s a secret few people know:?this feature will not only let you choose the subject. A tap on the screen also determines both the exposure and color balance for your scene. This is not considered manual adjusting per se, but if your footage changes during a shot and you don?t like what you?re seeing, you can tap and see if the image quality improves.


  • Hold your device horizontally. This is a common mistake. We are so used to using our devices vertically (the same way we most often use them for texting, making calls or playing with apps) that we also do it this way when capturing pictures or videos. Vertical videos do not look good when editing or viewing them.


  • Think like a filmmaker.?If the video you are recording is to be edited later, make sure the videos you capture are of good quality. Keep your shots less than a minute long and vary the camera angles so things don?t get boring. Get wide shots that capture the scope of the scene; make sure there is enough headroom for your subjects. You can also get some closer footages so you have more videos to choose from later on.
  • Have better lighting. Make sure you have a good source of light when shooting. If you are shooting indoors, it is better to turn on the lights before recording.
  • Experiment.?Don’t just sit and let the video record all by itself. Get all angles of the subject, if possible. Try walking while recording. Get an extremely low or high angle. Be creative!


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