Some Facebook Privacy 2014 Changes You Need to Know About

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Facebook seems to have finally given in to public pressure as they have agreed to improve their privacy settings. There will be tighter security for the traditional features, but there are also potential concerns that come with it.

Some of these changes include safety prompts, user friendly interfaces, and mobile app changes,

Blue Dinosaur

Last April, Facebook introduced the ?privacy dinosaur? popup to remind users when they are making a public post and to better address privacy concerns. The tool has expanded since then to include a privacy checkup tool so that users who have been using Facebook for a long time can review their sharing settings. The image you see on the side is what you will see pop up when you want to make a post. This way, you can make changes to your post setting depending on who you want to see your post.

Default privacy settings update

In order not to shun away first time Facebook users, Facebook has updated their default privacy user settings. Previously, if first time users of Facebook didn?t immediately change their default settings, their posts would be seen by the public. Users will now be prompted to pick their audience when they make their first post for extra privacy security and the default share setting will be only for friends.

Anonymous login

How many times have those pesky apps asked you for information when logging in? Isn?t it annoying having Candy Crush Saga or any other game post on your wall? Facebook has rolled out an anonymous login functionality to help address this concern, so users can now connect their Facebook-enabled apps without the need to surrender personal information. Now you can actually play in peace.

Microphone functionality

Facebook has released an upgrade where your microphone can now listen to what?s happening around you. The mobile app will soon be able to activate your smartphone microphone so that it can hear your environment and determine what you are doing. ?That in itself is a major red flag to most people. The functionality though is optional and it can be turned on or off by the user.

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