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Solarix is Looking for a PS4 Release

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Indie developer PulseTense Games is not looking too good with the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming survival-horror game, Solarix. With half a month to go before the end of its campaign run, the project has only been able to raise barely ?1,800 from its 180 backers. This is ?8,200 short of their ?10,000 target and that?s not even including the Xbox One or Oculus Rift release, which demands ?50,000 and ?60,000 respectively.

So where?s the PlayStation 4 release? According to an interview by VRFocus with PulseTense Games, the game?s publisher, KISS Ltd, has been negotiating with Sony and Microsoft to bring Solarix to the console.

?Our publisher is in talks with Microsoft and Sony for Solarix?s console release,? a representative from PulseTense said in the interview. ?It is one of our stretch goals as well.?

With the campaign ending on August 8, KISS and PulseTense are surely in a lot of pressure right now. If their deals don?t bear fruit, then the game?s release will likely be delayed, which was originally set on January 2015.

PulseTense was also asked about Project VR headset support for the PS4 version, but they declined to comment on this.


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Solarix is a sci-fi first person survival-horror game which features rich in-game content and a unique horrifying experience. Armed only with hacking tools and stolen weapons, players avoid detection from infected crewmates inside a spaceship. The challenge issued by the developers: ?how long can your mind survive this environment??


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The game has already been confirmed for Steam support and the developers still look forward to release it for the next-gen consoles. You can help them by pledging for as low as ?6 and this already includes a DRM-free digital copy of the game.

You can show your support and view more info on the game here.

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