Solar Panel Built Building – German University Makes A Statement with Zero Emission ?Blauhaus?

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Nowadays, it?s not unusual to see solar panels on top of a building or house?s roof. But to see an entire structure ?built? with solar panels is something that will surely capture your attention.

So is there actually a piece made up of solar panel, or a sort of? Well, yes there is.


If you want to see it, you must have to travel all the way to Germany.

A report of Digital Trends features a blue house, known as Blauhaus in Hochschule Niederrhein, a university in Germany, where the entire building is covered by solar panels. That includes walls as well.

The report revealed that majority of the structure is made up photovoltaic cells while its panels rotate to adapt to the sun?s location. The bottom, on the other hand, is covered by glass, making the sustainable energy visible to everyone who passes by.

So why did they create a building of solar panels? Kadawittfeldarchitektur, based on Architect?s Newspaper, created the energy-efficient and zero-emission structure to ?passive house standards? – meaning, there will be a limit for the kilowatt hours per square meter every year. That means, the energy that can be used for heating water and consuming electricity won?t exceed 120 kwh/sq.m. ?It also prevents the building exceeding over 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius for over 10 percent of the time to remain conducive to people.

?The special facade consisting of oppositely inclined, blue-tinged glass and photovoltaic elements has been designed to perfectly suit the orientation and incidence of solar radiation,? the designers said as posted in the article.

But wait that?s not all there is – it also has Innovatorium, an energy laboratory. Since it is a campus, it has library, offices and even a terrace on the roof.

Meanwhile, it should be mentioned that Michigan State University has also been doing a ?full transparent? solar cell. Well, we don?t have any info yet, so let?s take a time to appreciate ?Blauhaus? for now.

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