Solar Eclipse Prophecies: End Of The World Tomorrow?

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Solar Eclipse

Whenever there is a solar eclipse, the end of times prophecies follow. Some astrologers and religious groups connect this occurrence to the beginning of the end of the world. Day turns to night, and that?s when it happens, or so they say.

A total solar eclipse will be happening Wednesday, March 9, which can be witnessed in Australia, Southeast Asia and Hawaii, while Indonesia will be able to see the moon blocking the sun completely, TheGuardian reports.

For Europe and America, it will be night time so the sun won?t be visible.

British Cosmobiologist Peter Stockinger says that the stars are aligned for a significant event tomorrow, March 9, as Mirror reports. He believes that the astronomical occurrence could spell death and destruction as he also claimed that he has ?predicted? the Paris terror attacks.

The astrologer said, ?If we cast our minds back to the last solar eclipse that took place on 13 September 2015, we may also remember that it was followed by the shocking Paris terror attacks, on 13 November.? He continued, ?In a blog post, published last August, I wrote about the solar eclipse, predicting the likelihood of murder to take place in Paris. Sadly, this turned out to be true.?

For this week?s eclipse, he predicts that a natural catastrophe could cause severe destruction to Northern Europe, a prominent assassination could also occur.

The astronomical occurrence will take place in the early hours of Wednesday. It is part of the Saros Series 130, which is a series of eclipses that began back in 1096 and will continue on until 2394.

After the master astrologer studied the charts, he believed that hot spots of activity are likely to be in Italy, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Armenia, Portugal, Germany and France.

Mirror continues that the alleged Master Astrologer also mentioned that the prophecies of a 17th century astrologer, William Lilly, could occur. Lilly has published a book about Christian Astrology in 1647 and has been acknowledged with educating ?a nation in crisis in the language of the stars.?

Stockinger also said that ?Jupiter is the planet ruling this eclipse. At the time of the eclipse, he will be located in Virgo, where he is in his detriment.?

His theories suggest ?a connection to ?church-men? and, taking into consideration that Jupiter is a natural significator of religion, religious conventions, clergymen, and Christian churches in general, the picture of the problems this solar eclipse suggests is manifesting.?

He continued, ?On a personal level, this eclipse could indicate that the native may be injured or lose their life in catastrophes connected with severe weather, such as floods or shipwrecks, but they could also be harmed through personal or revenge attacks.?

Stockinger further warns everyone, in the report by Mirror, to be on guard because even though the eclipse won?t be visible to the whole world, its consequences are far-reaching.

The solar eclipse will last four minutes and nine seconds and its totality will be seen in Indonesia and the Pacific ocean; while Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Hawaii will be able to witness parts of the occurrence which will reverberate to the rest of the world, as Stockinger said. ?

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