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For those guys who loved 2048 or similar puzzle games, here?s something new for you. Sokobond, a shifting, atom binding, puzzler game that allows you to form chemical compounds. Sokobond is an elegant combination and display of puzzle games and chemistry. You might think that it is just another puzzler game but no, Sokobond actually won several awards for its unique and stunning minimalist gameplay.

Here?s some reviews from renowned publications:

?Forget chemistry: it takes alchemy to produce a puzzle game as refined and smart as this? ? 9/10 Edge Online

?This is a game about the beauty of science, and most puzzle games can learn from its findings.? ? 9/10 Eurogamer

Sokobond won several awards such as IndieCade 2013 Finalist, PAX10 2013 Finalist, and IGF 2014 Honorable Mention. Sokobond was out since September last year?and?the game is now out on Steam.

The game was created with love and passion for science. Well, at least that is what Alan Hazelden said. Alan Hazelden is also the brain behind several puzzle games. One of the many puzzle games that he has created is the ?A Good Snowman? puzzle game, which is also very popular.

Alan Hazelden also had some help with other puzzle game makers and soundmen, Harry Lee and Ryan Roth.

Puzzle games might not be your cup of tea but playing Sokobond might give you some peace of mind. Sokobond has this amazing minimalist gameplay that is so calm and soothing. It might be a good idea to play these kinds of games while you are in a stressful mood. You know, to find balance between rage and peace.

Also, the game?s original title was ?ChemSpace?. They have decided that the name ?Sokobond? is quite catchy so they changed it. Here?s a screenshot of Alan Hazelden?s post about the game?s fun fact.

screens from twitter

screens from twitter

Sokobond is now out on Steam Launch Sale for ?5.59. However, if you purchase it directly from the developers, you can have it for ?4.68.

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