Sofia Vergara Sued by Her Frozen Embryos? Read the Latest on the Vergara-Loeb Case

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Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara faces lawsuit from plaintiffs “Emma” and “Isabella”. These are the names of the frozen embryos created by Sofia Vergara and ex-fiance Nick Loeb. But Fred Silberberg, Vergara’s lawyer said it simply isn’t viable.

On Wednesday, Silberberg dismissed the new complaint filed in Louisiana. He said this is a desperate attempt on the part of Loeb to get sympathy and publicity. This amid setbacks in his California lawsuit where he seeks control of the two frozen embryos.

He said, “This latest maneuver is nothing more than another attempt on the part of Loeb to keep himself in the public eye by keeping himself linked to Ms. Vergara. Loeb apparently thinks he will garner sympathy from the public and the courts through this latest maneuver, one that we believe will also result in failure. It is unfortunate that Loeb feels the need to keep himself linked to Vergara, who is happily married, by taking up more of our overburdened courts resources, preventing judges from focusing on real legal problems.”

The lawyer said plaintiffs “Emma” and “Isabella” are only ‘pre embryos’ or ‘frozen fertilized ova’ not the ex-couple’s daughters per Daily News.

On Nick Loeb Wanting a Family

Silberberg added that if it’s really a family that Loeb wants, then he should get a surrogate and an egg donor. He can create one without having to drag Vergara through an unnecessary legal battle. The new lawsuit claims that the female embryos are being cheated out of their rightful inheritances. This from a trust set up in their names because Vergara refuses “to allow them to be transferred to a uterus so they may continue to develop and be born as was intended.?

Loeb also claimed that he told Vergara that he’s ready and willing to assume full parenting responsibilities. This in case one or both embryos resulted in full term pregnancies. However, Vergara is seeking dismissal of the California case. She argues that both sides signed a contract requiring the written consent of both parties prior to any attempt to create a pregnancy per itv.com.

Vergara stated through her attorney that she doesn’t want their embryos used nor destroyed. She simply want them held in the same frozen state as they’ve been in for the past two years.

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