Sofia Vergara Sued by Embryos; Ex-Fianc? Nick Loeb Wants to Give Inheritance to Unborn Children

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sofia vergara sued

Get ready to read the craziest sentence you?re ever going to see today. Sofia Vergara sued by?her own frozen embryos. ?And yes, there?s a sitcom worthy story behind this one.

The Story

Back in 2013 when Sofia Vergara and businessman Nick Loeb were still a thing and engaged, they decided to freeze two of Vergara?s embryos. Because of reasons. The plan was to bring the two embryos to term through the help of a surrogate.

The two embryos have since then been forgotten until the two parted ways last year. Loeb had decided to advocate the two?s embryos rights and had filed a suit to try and protect the two female embryos. There?s even another suit going through due process.

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Loeb?s decisions however did not sit well with Vergara. She is against it.

The legal pro-embryo papers were all filed in happy pro-life Louisiana. This is when things get even weirder. The papers were filed under the embryo?s names along with James Carbonnet.

Sofia Vergara Sued for Real

Vergara and Loeb had signed a contract at the ART Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills during the embryos? creation. The contract pointed out that neither one of them can use either of the embryos without the full consent of the other one.

However, the latest legal documents now challenges this previous contract. The documents argue that the initial contract be considered void due to not giving specific measures in the event that Vergara and Loeb were to part ways.

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In addition, the lawsuit also points out that the contract actually violates both Louisiana law and California code.

Finally, the documents now push that since the embryos haven?t been born, they are being deprived from inheriting a trust that was initially created to them. This is why the suit rules that Loeb has the right to receive the embryos so that they may be born and receive the said trust.

But after all of this, there is speculation that things didn?t turn out too well for Loeb. It?s rumored that Loeb has since dropped the case earlier due to a judge having favored Vergara?s side. ?And that?s how Sofia Vergara sued for her own frozen embryos.

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